New development snapshots

I put new development snapshots online for both OpenSCAD and FreeCAD. There is not much new functionality, but a few bugfixes that were contributed.



This is a news updates that discusses the lack of updates, an important update and many small updates.


Website fixed

An OpenShift update on 27 Jan 2015 broke something with the website. This should be fixed now.


Happy new year, miscellany

I wish everybody a happy new year 2015. I hope it will be a good year for BOLTS, I have a lot of ideas and hope to find a bit of time to work on it.


BOLTS Lightning Talk at 31C3

I will be giving a lightning talk about BOLTS at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg in one and a half weeks. It will be 5 minutes long and the talks will be live streamed and recorded.

If you are also there and interested in meeting up and discussing, just drop me a note.


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